Our field visits are designed to assist you in reconnecting with your customer. All portfolio types are accommodated: vehicle, commercial, residential, manufactured home, equipment, unsecured, and lease. At the moment of receiving your order, preliminary efficiencies are completed, designed to increase customer contact and decrease turn time.

Our field representative attempts to contact your customer, while delivering your sealed and approved correspondence marked “Personal and Confidential”. If contacted, the field representative encourages your customer to contact you as soon as possible, including at the time of the visit. If your customer is not available, your correspondence is delivered or posted, according to your specifications.

Our field representative attempts an exterior inspection of the address provided and the collateral (when applicable). All components of our field visits are customizable, and follow federal, state, and local laws.

Conditionally included in your report:

Occupancy information

Updated contact and employment information

Photos of the property

Photos of the collateral (if applicable)

Unusual circumstances

Additional requirements at your specifications